“Dentistry is a noble profession, in my opinion. I feel extremely lucky that I got the chance to go to dental school and realize my potential and dreams. Helping people by providing quality dental care is my main objective. Moreover, in doing so, I get to meet so many great human beings that give me opportunities to see the world in different light. I hope to encourage my patients to value dentistry to improve the quality of their life in the long run.” – Dr. Jung Shin Robin

Dr. Jung Shin Robin is passionate about making patients feel better—better about their health, better about their smile, and better about their confidence. She believes that a person's ability to use their mouth to eat is necessary to survive; that a person’s ability to speak and communicate is necessary to connect; and that a person’s ability to smile and feel confident about their smile can bring so much joy. Dr. Shin Robin’s ultimate goal is to help improve the quality of her patients’ lives by helping them achieve their best oral health.

Dr. Shin Robin graduated with her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Baylor College of Dentistry, with honors in 2009. She practiced dentistry while also training in cutting-edge digital dentistry (CAD/CAM), lasers, and implants at the University of Michigan until 2010 while in the Advanced Education in General Dentistry program. Sha has been practicing in San Francisco since 2010.

As a Faculty Club Member of Spear Education for dentists, Dr. Shin Robin is committed to continued learning, professional growth, and providing the best patient care. Her other various continuing education courses allow her to stay up to date in cutting-edge materials and techniques, as well as attain professional and personal growth to become better in all aspects of being a care provider.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Dr. Shin Robin currently resides in San Francisco with her amazing, undeniably supportive husband. He is in the software industry focused on helping large buildings become more efficient and hence, decreasing the pollution of our air. They have two beautiful and silly kiddos who take up 90% of Dr. Shin Robin’s energy.

When she’s not at work, Dr. Shin Robin is busy as an event planner, house organizer, laundry folder, maid, chauffeur, social chair for the Robin family. Recently, she started running to explore her beautiful “back yard” in the Presidio.

Dr. Shin Robin is a member of the:

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