Dr. Mao and his staff are great! They do amazing work and they also really care about finding the right treatment plan and solution that works for you. After moving to San Fran that I would have some difficulty finding a comparable alternative.

Eric O.
San Francisco, CA

I’ve been going to Gentle Dental for over 5 years until one visit, a temporary Dr. came to see me at my annual check up and told me I had 8 cavaties! I am definitely a huge sweet tooth and eat candy everyday but I’m very strict about brushing 2/daily with my SoniCare toothbrush, floss everyday, etc. so to hear I had 8 cavaties was unreal (The bill to fix 8 was also unreal).

So I went to see Chhy and even though I had cavaties, he recommended that only 2 really needed attention. He shared pictures and educated me on the different technologies available and how my cavaties grew. I grilled him on questions on types of toothbrushes, toothpaste, wisdom teeth, and he was more than happy to answer my questions. Very smart guy.

After getting my cavaties taken care of, I’ve always gone back for teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. I’ve been using this 30 min. kit that whitens really well which I really need since I have a daily coffee addiction. The whitening mold came within a few days and I’ve been happy with the kit ever since (Yes, Crest WhiteStrips work as well but nothing beats a professional).

I highly recommend Chhy Mao and would gladly vouch for his services anytime. It never hurts to get a second opinion and in my case, I’m really glad I did!

Betty H.
San Francisco, CA

My search for a dentist is over.

Since moving to the city, I’ve been wary about deciding on a new dentist. I mean, picking a new physician was hard enough, but I just couldn’t put off a cleaning any longer. I searched around for some place reputable and with easy access and I found Dr. Chhy Mao’s office.

When I got there, the staff was very nice, and the office and equipment looked very clean/new.  I saw Dr. Mao before the dental hygienist Jane went to work, and it definitely made me feel more at ease.

What’s more, the window facing Union Square makes for a nice scenic cleaning. Overall, great visit. Definitely recommend Dr. Mao.

Sherry H.
Palo Alto, CA

Finding a good reliable dentist is a paaaaiinnn. Everyone knows that…and if you haven’t yet, then you’re just ridiculously lucky or under the age of 30. I’ve had my fair share of terrible dentists. The worst thing about going to a bad dentist is that you may not even know how bad he/she is until years later. Root canal, failed root canal, poorly made crowns x 2, 2nd root canal, 2nd failed root canal, I’ve seen my fair share of bad dentists that I thought were great, at least until their work failed on me years later of course.

When I moved to SF 5 years ago, Dr. Mao was recommended by a friend. Even though he was over in Oakland back then, I figured going to a dentist that was recommended is always worth the extra mile. He didn’t disappoint. After a couple years as a loyal patient, I was happy to learn that he moved his practice back into the City, and I was happy to follow him there too. His office is a convenient location near Union Square, near a Bart station.

After 5 years, Dr. Mao has not failed me or my wife. Both of us trusted him so much, that we even had him do some major dental work on my front teeth, in preparation for our wedding. Extraction, implant, root canal, tissue work, crown, all on my front teeth before the wedding. Honestly, I don’t think I could have trusted anyone else to do such serious work before the biggest photo day of our lives. We’ll always been indebted to him for our great smiles on our big day.

What I like most about Dr. Mao is that no matter how complex the dental work, he always took the time to carefully explain in common-terms what type of dental work was needed, what we could put off, and what was ideal. Most dentists just tell you what you have to do next, and you have to trust them with blind faith. Instead, he explained the risks, gave us our options and his recommendations, and ultimately let us decide what was the best course of action.

At the end of the day, Dr. Mao is a dentist that you can trust, looks out for the best interest of his clients, and whose expertise and work you can rely on years later. Long term dentist hunt: Done.

Y M.
San Francisco, CA